sábado, 25 de outubro de 2008

Sweeter than thousand candies
I've found you again
I can feel the sun shinning up above
I can see the smile in my face

Now things are in their right place
It's so quiet here
But now I'm in peace
I'm with you
Have no fear

I was searching for a reason
In a distant space
Among the stars among the clouds
I was looking for a better way
To get you out of me

But then I've finally find the poems
And in these lines
I can't describe
All that you are
But for sure
You're all that I see now.

segunda-feira, 6 de outubro de 2008

It hurts

It hurts
Yes it hurts a lot
When I open my window
In the pure morning
It hurts
When I see you just in thought

It hurts
Deeply hurts
When I look at the rainbow
When I hear the birds singing
When I speak to the winter
When I know it's for you
That I'm living

It hurts
Silently hurts
When I see your face
But it's not all mine
When I hold you tight
But it's not alright
When I kiss your lips
But I can't do it all the time

Yes it hurts
Saddly hurts...
When I think about us
When I live and
I die
Just because of this love...

sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2008

Another poem to the bird

Amazing sensation
When I see you coming to me
When you smile so shy
When you kiss my face
And I can feel your breathing

Amazing sensation
When you hold me tight
The way that we love the most

Incredible sensation
To walk with you
Through these walls
And through these people
They just can't understand
How incredible this sensation can be

I could pass
All my days
Watching you
Hearing you
Just observing you
Just loving you

I would fight
I would cry as much as I could
I would die for and of love
As much as someone can die for it.

I will keep these feelings
I will keep holding you
I will keep kissing you
Behind the walls...

quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

I just wanted to know why
Do I shiver when you come next to me
When you smile and say hello
When you look at my eyes
And say...

I swear I try to understand why
When I look at you
Birds seem to sing
All the sweetest songs in the world
Then I stand
Then I fly

All the answers I want in this world
Are all behind your green eyes
It's between your lips
It's when my mouth kisses
Your sweetest kiss

And I'm going to drown in the sea
That green sea that makes me stare
The green sea that makes me smile
Close my eyes and pray
Please be one more day with me...