terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

A little bit of books

I know I've been very far from here. The main problem is that I don't have much inspiration to think about something interesting and then put my ideas in the paper (?) so I just let it go.

But today, lucky people, I was thinking about the books I've read and I'm still reading (Crime and Punishment is one of them, YEAP, I haven't finished yet, what a shame!) and something came into my mind. Couple of days ago I read an Allan Poe's short story called The Imp of the Perverse and somehow I thought it was very alike with Dostoiévski's narrative. It is not easy to compare I don't know, twenty pages to five hundred but in the same way, these events have something in common: the mainly character can't keep his secret so he just let it go. I won't spoil the short story, but it's declared in the beginning of the Crime and Punishment that Raskolnikóv commits a murder. Then he thinks he can deal with that but he is totally wrong. It is something that he just can't keep quiet. I'm very close to finish this book and so far, the character is still suffering the pressure although he already told Sonia about what he did.

It's funny how they fall in love in this kind of narratives. In one day completely strangers and in the next morning "oh I'm in love"! I know it's pure fiction but it is interesting once we know the characters didn't have so much time to know themselves. Anyways, it isn't the focus of this narrative anyways. I think this love is just to ensure that besides everything, he can be a good man. He has something good inside.

All I'm trying to say (I don't know if I'm doing it properly) is that, somehow, in that old times, people had some kind of hope that, if you commit a crime, or if you just do something bad to the eyes of society and "God", if you're regreted, if you confess it is oukay. More than that, maybe this is the start to accept that people are not completely good or bad. They can be both. Sometimes best, sometimes worst, anyways, people have this two sides.
Is the forgiveness something so easy to achieve? Just claim couple of words and that's alright? I'll keep reading the book then I tell you if Raskolnikóv is acquited or not.

quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2009


I know this blog doesn't have much visitors though I believe now with a few different words you can find it easier when you google something like "freak", "diary" and "myspace" so I'm here just to talk about a band from Rio Grande that plays good music and now is releasing little by little three new songs. The first one is called "Offman" and you can listen to it on Trend's Myspace.

Enjoy it!