sexta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2010

Remember: be sweet

Many changes, guys! New background, new willings are about to come.

All I have to say is: ENJOY IT! Life, music, friends, books, especially books (and alcohol!)! I hope to be more committed to this blog next year. I don't know if it necessary or even if YOU need it, but if I need it, I' ll be here.

Don't go blind. Be sweet.

quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

Crap, new year

Ok, this is true. 2010 is ending now and everyone starts to say the same old things as they have said all those years left behind.

But, the truth also is: we feel comfortable to say these things (that may sound silly) only in this moment. Because it is the only one which makes you think about... frustrations? Maybe. On the other hand we are alive and there is something hidden in a deep black hole inside that can make possible just smile and be happy due to an accomplishment.

Happy 2011, although we know we have loads of obstacles looking forward.